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We will accept the following types of files for printing: .pdf, .doc(x), .xls(x), .pub, .ppt, .txt, .gif, .jpeg, .png

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  • I understand the library reserves the right to decline printing at its sole discretion.
  • I understand the library is unable to offer same day printing.
  • I understand the library staff will not specially format files for printing - files will be printed as they are received.
  • I understand print jobs that are printed by the library are immediately deleted upon completion.
  • I understand printing documents which may be highly sensitive to me (the customer) should be conducted in person at the library and not through this Print Pickup service form.
  • I understand that I have 5 days to pickup my print following submission.
  • I will not submit copywritten or material that I do not have permission to copy or reproduce.